A Sunday walk with a difference!

Get out and about this Sunday, 29th June, and join the Inclosure Walk, a free walk through the historic green spaces of Central Nottingham. Naturally, this walk includes the Forest and will end at the famous Inclosure Oak, at the far end of the recreation ground. 

Not only is the Inclosure Walk a great excuse to get out and about, it’s also a great chance to find out more about the Forest and other local places of interest. June Perry from Friends of the Forest will be there, and if there’s anything you want to know about the Forest – she’s the lady to ask!!

The Inclosure Walk has been organised to celebrate the Inclosure Act of 1845, which gave the people of Nottingham 130 acres of recreational green space to use and enjoy. The same green spaces we’re still enjoying and using today!

For full details simply click on the link below.

Inclosure Walk 


One Response to “A Sunday walk with a difference!”

  1. Inclosure walk at Niles’s Blog Says:

    […] brings us news of this Sunday’s “Inclosure Walk” around some of the old paths that ring the city centre.  Start at Queens Walk, in the […]

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