New blog for skaters

With more and more skateboarders campaigning for a skatepark on the Forest, they’ve set up their very own skatepark campaign blog at

If you agree that Nottingham needs a decent size skatepark why not go and check out the blog? The skaters have also been in touch with the Evening Post, who have promised to cover their story in the next few days. 

As many of the comments from local people have said, a skatepark would have many benefits; including giving young people (and older people!) somewhere to exercise, an alternative to traditional sports, a place to make friends and socialise and a sense of purpose. All these things would also help to tackle issues like childhood obesity, anti-social behaviour, under-age drinking and drug-taking and boredom. 

What do you think? 


One Response to “New blog for skaters”

  1. David Squires Says:

    Couldn’t agree more!

    But as well as that, skateboarding / bmx’ing is a mixing pot of exerience, age, creativity, intelligence, confidence, ability, dedication, persistence in a classless unpredjudice enviroment, where in the most part, it’s participants support and feed off each other. It’s an attitude and a lifestyle.

    It’s not an environment which promotes violence or aggression or where the motive is about ‘us beating you’ or vice-versa. It’s ‘all’ about having fun and then competing with oneself to improve and focus.

    Many skills for life can be taken from such activites.

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