Welcome to a Forest For All!

This blog is designed to keep you all up to date with what’s happening on the Forest Recreation Ground on Gregory Boulevard – and to give you the chance to have YOUR say!

There are big plans afoot to restore the Forest to its former glory, so it can be enjoyed by local residents, young and old. In fact, we’ve been hard at work for several years spearheading a campaign to renovate the site that was once home to Nottingham Forest Football Club and Nottingham Race Course!

Firstly, allow us to introduce ourselves! Collectively, we’re known as the Forest Working Party, and we’re all passionate about the Forest. We represent a whole range of organisations including the Partnership Council, a charity that overlooks the Forest and works on behalf of local residents; Nottingham City Council, Neighbourhood Development Company and campaigners from Friends of the Forest.

We found out before Christmas that the first stage of our lottery bid has been successful so it looks as if we’ll soon have the funding to put our plans into action – watch this space for more!

Our plans include restoring the Forest’s buildings, from the central Pavilion, changing rooms and cafe, to the Lodge on Mansfield Road; introducing new facilities for local residents, particularly for children and young people; renovating historic features such as the Forest’s iron railings and improving things like safety. We’ll post full details of all our plans very soon so be sure to visit our blog again soon!

If you’d like to have your say on anything connected with the Forest – why not post a comment?


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2 Responses to “Welcome to a Forest For All!”

  1. Julian Smith Says:

    Hi Jeff,

    This all sounds great, I didn’t know that all of these things were on agenda, quite a task so good luck with funding bids.

    It will be worth it though, I’ve enjoyed using the forest over many years whilst living in the area.

  2. Mike Rust Says:

    The forest is a wonderful place. Can you please put up the promised details before the public consultation this weekend? It would be nice to be able to think about them before we, the people of forest fields, get to give our opinions on them.

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